Can't install vim Tabular Plugin

There are no installation instructions for the tabular plugin. I tried to either copy the files to the correct folders or put under ~/.vim/bundle

to let the pathogen deal with it, in both cases I get the following error messages when I load vim (if any issue is concerned, the message is repeated 6 times).

AddTabularPattern: Vim (runtime): E194: no alternative filename to replace '#': runtime autoload / tableular # ElementFormatPattern.vim

EDIT additional information if it helps diagnose the problem

This is where the files are stored in my folder ~/.vim/bundles/godlygeek-tabular-b7b4d87

(not I obviously didn't show the all files )

├── [drwxrwxr-x]  bundle
│   ├── [drwxrwxr-x]  godlygeek-tabular-b7b4d87
│   │   ├── [drwxrwxr-x]  after
│   │   │   └── [drwxrwxr-x]  plugin
│   │   │       └── [-rw-rw-r--]  TabularMaps.vim
│   │   ├── [drwxrwxr-x]  autoload
│   │   │   └── [-rw-rw-r--]  tabular.vim
│   │   ├── [drwxrwxr-x]  doc
│   │   │   └── [-rw-rw-r--]  Tabular.txt
│   │   └── [drwxrwxr-x]  plugin
│   │       └── [-rw-rw-r--]  Tabular.vim



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Could you tell us a little more about your setup? With a chart, if possible?

The command AddTabularPattern

is called exactly 6 times from after/plugin/TabularMaps.vim

and declared in plugin/Tabular.vim

. I don't understand why this would cause the extension #




IIRC, Tabular comes with an after directory that contains the plugin in its own directory, an autoload directory, a doc directory, and a plugin directory.

So, just copy the contents of those directories in their copies to $ HOME / .vim / (creating any directory that doesn't exist yet) and you're good to go.



I realize this does not directly answer your question (I was unable to reproduce the error), but you can try using Vundle to manage Vim plugins. It serves a very similar purpose as a pathogen, but with one important difference: it is completely declarative.

If you've used Vundle, installing Tabular will only require you to put this line in your .vimrc:

Bundle 'Tabular'


and then enter the command :BundleInstall

and enter it.

It also supports downloading plugins from GitHub, so you can also use:

Bundle 'godlygeek/tabular'


I switched from pathogen to Vundle a while ago and haven't looked back.



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