How to migrate a Mediawiki installation from Subversion (SVN) to Git

I had Mediawiki installed from Subversion, keeping it up to date with a simple command svn update

in the installation directory. Mediawiki has now been ported to Git and the latest security updates are only available from there. How do I switch from my Subversion installation to Git? Couldn't find any documentation or approach.


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You can have svn export

local changes erase directories .svn

and then initialize the exported working copy as a new git project.

svn export myproject newproject
cd newproject
git init
git add *
git commit -m "Initializing git repository"


Add the Mediawiki git repository to your remote repositories for convenience.

git remote add mediawiki


Then when you want to make updates commit your changes and use:

git commit -m <your-commit-message-goes-here>
git pull --rebase mediawiki




The following seems to work, but may not be correct or complete. The instructions are not for a production environment (although they worked for me).

  • Create a new directory

  • Find the version you want to install,project,mediawiki/core,branches . At the time of writing, it REL1_18

    was stable in current
  • Clone the desired Mediawiki release to a new folder using git clone --branch REL1_18

  • Check for local changes in your previous installation httpdocs

    using for examplesvn status

  • Repeat them in the newly created files in

    . Make file changes, copy files, etc.
  • Rename httpdocs

    to httpdocs.old

    . Your site will be disabled.
  • Rename

    to httpdocs

    . Your new site will be online, but it may not work.
  • Run php maintenance/update.php

    to update
  • Check website and make corrections for errors 9


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