Prop = extracts does not return all extracts in the WikiMedia API

I would like to use the wikipedia API to return an extract from multiple Wikipedia articles at once. I am trying, for example, to execute the following request (I just randomly selected pageids):|11524059&prop=extracts&exsentences=1

But it only contains the extract for the first pageid, not the second. Other properties do not seem to have this limitation. for example|11524059&prop=categories

will return categories for both pages. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


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Pay attention to the element <query-continue>

. He tells you that in order to receive additional statements, you need to specify excontinue=1


You should be able to get both of them by specifying exlimit=max


But it doesn't work correctly, I'm not sure why.

By the way, categories have similar restrictions, which is why your category request has <query-continue>

and why it doesn't list all categories of articles.



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