Transferring data from DB2 to SQL Server. What is required for DB2?

I need to move a lot of data from a DB2 server OLD to a SQL Server. I would like to create a linked server using OLE DB Provider for DB2 on my SQL Server. I don't know what is required on the DB2 side. The DB2 server is owned by another organization, and most of the people who have worked with it have retired. Version "DB2 for VSE 6.1". Can I connect to the default SQL Server? If not, is it possible to install additional connectivity software? I believe I need DRDA application server support, but that's all I could find. Due to the amount of data I would prefer not to use intermediate text files if possible. Are there other options that will work with V6.1?


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If you can use SSIS, which may or may not be available depending on your SQL Server Edition, I recommend that you use this tool to move data. It will help you deal with the complexities of data type changes, conversions, validations ...

As far as you need to connect to DB2, take a look at this . It not only explains how to use SSIS to connect to DB2, but it also explains where you can download the DB2 driver.

I cannot guarantee that this driver will work with your specific version of DB2.

See also here .



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