Bad appearance of gtkmm program

I am writing with my friends a simple photo viewer in C ++ using gtkmm. Everything is going well, except that our application looks very bad and is completely different from any other GTK + application on our Linux desktops. If anyone can give us advice on what we are doing wrong, we would be very grateful.

The code responsible for creating the window is here (the rest is in the repository):

Screenshot with view:
Screenshot with the look

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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GTK 3.0 has a different theme than GTK 2.0. Probably any of your other GTK + applications are still 2.0 dependent, so you didn't set a theme for 3.0. Find out how to install it eg. Adwaita in a desktop environment.

Btw: take a look Glib::RefPtr<>




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