What makes VS11 beta so fast?

I have a huge EDMX code and the developer opened in about 2 seconds compared to s> 30 in VS2010. This is all much more understated in many ways, and this is a VM with only 2GB of RAM (although the hyper-v server is pretty powerful and I'm the only one using it right now).

Is this the foundation for the next generation? Is it WPF? I see something new that makes it fast?


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A lot has been done to improve VS performance. There is a series of posts on their blog that explain in more detail:

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2012/03/05/visual-studio-11-beta-performance-part-1.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio /archive/2012/03/12/visual-studio-11-beta-performance-part-2.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2012/03/19/visual-studio- 11-beta-performance-part-3.aspx

They don't mention EDMX files specifically, but it probably has to do with improvements to loading solution files (part 2).



Probably not doing that much at startup.
If you skip reading the browse information file until you need it, or just parse the files as you edit them rather than launch them, you can significantly improve perceived performance.



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