Receiving RTSP stream data

I have an IP camera that can transmit media data to me using RTSP.

I am developing an application for getting media data.

I am using C ++ and Qt3.

I am creating a socket. connect it to the device IP on port = 554.

First request

SETUP rtsp: // RTSP / 1.0 \ r \ n
CSeq: 1 \ r \ n
Transport: RTP / AVP; client_port = 554 \ r \ n \ r \ n

And get the answer:

RTSP / 1.0 200 OK
CSeq: 1
Date: Sat, Mar 24 2012 17:24:59 GMT
Transport: RTP / AVP; unicast; destination =; source =; client_port = 0-1; server_port = 2000-2001
Session: 413F4DDB

I will parse it to get the gettin session value and make the following request:

PLAY rtsp: // RTSP / 1.0
CSeq: 1
Session: 413F4DDB

And the server says:

RTSP / 1.0 200 OK
CSeq: 1
Date: Sat, Mar 24 2012 17:25:02 GMT
Session: 413F4DDB
RTP-Info: url = rtsp: //; seq = 6716; rtptime = 406936711

And how can I get the media data ??? I thought the PLAY method is forcing the server to give me a stream, but it only gives me the url for rtsp and other information ...

I need a binary stream from the camera, can you give any advice for my next step?


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The Transport

request header SETUP

indicates which protocol will be used to send the stream and the client_port

ports your client will listen on.

Try to open 2 serial UDP ports and transmit this range as client_port=port1-port2

554 instead. These two ports will be used for RTP and RTCP streams (video and control data).

In addition, the RTP port number must be an even number and the RTCP port the next odd number (see this question if you want the port range to be random rather than user-selected).



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