Creation of a cockpit. installer with a compact framework

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I am trying to make an installer for an application I developed for windows ce. The problem is, if I don't deploy it via visual studio and don't create an installer and run it inside CE, I get a "framework not installed error." Is there a way to integrate the infrastructure components into my installer?


Edit: I managed to get 2 separate cab files, one for my application and one for the framework, there is now a way to combine these two cab files


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You could of course "merge" the CAB. The easiest way is to just include the CF runtimes and libraries in their own CAB, rather than worrying about their GACed targeting the target. Openn CAB and you will find a file _setup.xml

that describes the filenames to use for the CAB content. I usually just add the files directly to my own application INF file (we never use a deployment package in Studio to create CABs) and deploy them to the \ Windows folder of the target.



Not. You cannot combine the two.

If I'm wrong and someone can show me in a different way, I happily accept the downvote.

I've been deploying Windows Mobile Cabinets for about 4 years now and I always need to install all prerequisites as additional cabinets.

Perhaps you could write a wrapper that consistently calls the correct booths, but Visual Studio 2008 and earlier don't have a built-in mechanism to do this.



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