Creating regular Windows forms with Microsoft Expression Studio

I am about to make my project with Visual C # (Visual Studio 2010). So I need some nice interfaces for my projects.

So, I heard that Microsoft Expression Studio was able to create these nice interfaces. I now have Microsoft Expression Studio software installed with me ..

I have 2 questions.

1) My first question is, can I create regular Windows Forms (not WPF Forms) with this script using Microsoft Expression Studio ...?

2) Although yes or no, I have experience creating Windows Forms from Visual Studio ... can you give me some links to tutorials (video / others) for this scenario ...

It's better if it's possible in normal forms without using WPF, because I don't have any knowledge of WPF ... And this is not a web application, it is a standalone application ..


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Expression Blend is for WPF only.

You can try third party apps like Tekerik VisualStyleBuilder for Winforms.

However, if this is a new application, you can spend some time learning WPF . WPF has some great Tutorials and Books .

Plus, XAML learning will be useful when building Windows 8 Metro apps .



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