How to create a Smart Device Installer with CF 3.5 and SQL Server CE?

after first familiarizing myself with the Visual Studio (2008) Setup / Configuring Project Template for Smart Devices and wondering how unintuitive it is and after searching the net for about an hour and swapping through my CF books I still haven't been able to find out how I can create an installation package (.cab file, Setup.exe, whatever) that includes the Compact Framework 3.5 application as well as CF 3.5 itself and SQL Server CE so that the prerequisites are installed, if necessary, by my application automatically. Can anyone shed some light on this or suggest some third party setup tool if this is not possible out of the box with VS 2008?

Thanks, Timo


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As far as I can tell, CAB files cannot contain other CAB files (and it would be very annoying for me to do "over the air" if it includes all CF3.5 and SQL if I already have them installed).



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