How to empty the Gmail Trash using C #

I tried to access my Gmail inbox using the InterImap library. My messages are displayed here, but I can't delete messages. I also found the "EmptyFolder ()" method, but it doesn't work.

All that worked for me was MoveMessageToFolder (), but that's not what I need.

Please help me to remove my trash bin with C # using the same or any other library. I need some sample code that does this.

Here is the code I was able to write.

var config = new InterIMAP.IMAPConfig("", "<my gmail username>", "<my gmail password", true, true, "");
var client = new InterIMAP.Synchronous.IMAPClient(config, new InterIMAP.IMAPLogger(config, new object[] { }), 1);
var trash = client.Folders["[Gmail]"].SubFolders["Trash"];


Thanks in Advance.


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If you delete a message from your Inbox or one of your custom folders, it will still appear in [Gmail] / All Mail.

Here's why: In most cases, deleting a message simply removes the folder label from the message, including the label that identifies the message as being in the Inbox.

[Gmail] / All Mail shows all your messages, whether or not they have labels attached.

If you want to permanently delete a message from all folders:

  • Move it to the [Gmail] / Trash folder.
  • Remove it from the [Gmail] / Trash folder.

You can find more details here:



I don't like manually deleting the trash folder in Gmail. This is complete spam every day. So I copied the C # code to make this work for me. I downloaded and used mail.dll from Limilabs, evaluation version. Create a Gmail password for apps. Here is the code:

using System;
using Limilabs.Client.IMAP;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace delete_gmail_trash
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            using (Imap imap = new Imap())
                imap.UseBestLogin("", "password for Gmail apps");
                // Recognize Trash folder
                List<FolderInfo> folders = imap.GetFolders();

                CommonFolders common = new CommonFolders(folders);

                FolderInfo trash = common.Trash;
                // Find all emails we want to delete
                List<long> uidList = imap.Search(Flag.All);
                foreach (long uid in uidList)
                    Console.WriteLine("{0} deleted", uid);
                Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit.");




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