JSON Parsing with JAX-RS

I am creating a REST API with JAX-RS. I have a POST that uses a JSON element:

Element is a class:

public class EventData{
   public long start;
   public long end;
   public Collection<Person> persons;


I have a way like this:

public Response transactionRequest(EventData insert){


if i send a JSON string for EventData

, it works fine, but if i switch to:

public Response transactionRequest(ArrayList<EventData> insert){


and send a JSON string like this "{eventData:[{start:x,end:y,persons:[....]}]"

, it will build objects ArrayList

and EventData

, but object variables EventData

will null


Does anyone help?


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You need to send a JSON array of JSON objects that represent your class EventData


The sample you provided is not such a JSON array, but a JSON object with a single property named "eventData" containing a JSON array.

Try something like this (based on your class EventData


  { "start":1, "end":2, "persons":[] },
  { "start":3, "end":4, "persons":[] }


Note that your class is not mentioned EventData

because JSON has no concept of named types - it's just objects and arrays of objects; only object properties have names.



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