Injection of the "more" Unix command

I am trying to implement a command more

. I want to know how I can tell if there is a pipe. For example, if I type from the shell

cat file1 file2 | more


how can i handle this inside the implementation more?

And is the implementation implemented more

as open source?

Actually I was unable to achieve reading stdin. I managed to make more file.txt but not cat | more ..

I think I should first read from the user and place the buffer than print the buffer. my code contains:

if(argc == 1)
  fgets(line, 255, 0);
   printf("%s", line);


but it gives an error.


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The bigger the syntax

more [options] [file_name]


If you do not provide a filename, the command takes more input from stdin; you can provide this input (via stdin) using a pipe like:

cat file.txt | more


This sends the output of the cat command into more . This is the same as doing:

more file.txt


You don't need to know specifically if there is a pipe or not; you just need to check if the filename was passed as an argument anymore . If so, then the input is considered the content of the file. If not, the input is assumed to come from stdin.

As far as source code is concerned, some searches will go a long way. Here are some older FreeBSD sources:

Or a more recent source from the Ubuntu repositories:



suggest to check argc for 1 first, if equal to 1, you should use stdin as inpout file descriptor, so your program can handle situation like cat file.txt | more



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