I understand that specific OS testing is required, but what about specific OS version?

I tested a website that I was developing on my Mac as well as windows. To be a more specific snow leopard and windows 7.

Now I'm wondering if I'll be testing further, for example. mac osx leopard, tiger ... windows xp, windows vista?

I was wondering how I got started with all this browser testing stuff.



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The only browser IMO has an issue with is IE running multiple versions, requires some tweaking and does not completely disconnect from the OS. IE 8/9/10 developer tools let you choose the rendering mode of earlier versions, but sometimes there are rendering differences between the simulated and native browser. Users of other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) tend to update quickly, and furthermore, even the early versions of these browsers were reasonably compatible (apart from CSS3 features that were codified after their release, but they usually degrade gracefully)

Great Smashing Magazine article on setting up testing for IE using virtual machines.



The fonts depend on whether the user's default OS is installed. Fonts have kerning (space between characters), and if changed to a fallback font with different kerning, it could affect the flow of your page.

Form elements (text inputs, radio buttons, drop-down lists, etc.) are rendered by the browser but follow the default OS settings.

In short, it's always a good idea to use as many environments (OS / browser combinations) as possible to see how your site will look. If you have a friend with a different setting, check them out, ask them to send you a screenshot, or use one of the online services that provide this option.



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