RegEx to match end of line

I am looking for a match for email addresses in a text document for which I am writing a regex. I came up with something like this for beginners -

((?:[a-zA-Z]+[\w+\.\-]+[\-a-zA-Z]+))[ ]*((?:@|at))[ ]*(?:[a-zA-Z\.]+)


I want to make sure the end of the email address is "edu" or "com". How should I do it? I am using Python.

Some examples of email addresses from my text document

alice @
alice at
alice @


Edit -

I only want to change this regex. My regex matches other examples in my data.


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((?:[a-zA-Z]+[\w+\.\-]+[\-a-zA-Z]+))[ ]*((?:@|at))[ ]*(?:[a-zA-Z\.]+)\.(com|edu)


EDIT : for "dot" instead of ".":

((?:[a-zA-Z]+[\w+\.\-]+[\-a-zA-Z]+))[ ]*((?:@|at))[ ]*(?:[a-zA-Z\.]+) *(\.|dot) *(com|edu)




First of all, see this answer for an explanation of how to match all valid email addresses as per RFC822.

I personally would not change the regexp, but instead use email.Utils.parseaddr()

regexp for matches and check that the resulting string is .endswith("edu")

or .endswith("com")

. For example.

>>> email.Utils.parseaddr("")[1].endswith(".com")




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