PL / SQL execution ended with a warning?

I typed the following code on separate pages, it said the wrong procedure name. When typing in the same workspace in SQL Developer, it means execution has ended with a warning. There seems to be no conclusion.

This is a college exercise to get multiple values ​​from multiple tables using a single user-entered value - in this case ono


Here we should get the title of the book, the ordered quantity and the username using the order number ( ono


This is my code:

create or replace procedure proc2 ( ono in number
                    , cname out varchar, book out varchar, qty out number) is
   temp number;
   select custid into temp from ordr where orderno = ono;
   select custname into cname from customer where custid = temp;
   select isbn,qtystock into temp,qty from order_list where orderno = ono;
   select title into book from books where isbn = temp;
end proc2;


and my main call function:

set serveroutput on
   cname varchar(7);
   book varchar(7);
   ono number;
   qty number;
   ono := &ono; -- I even tried explicitly giving a value didn't work
   proc2(ono, cname, book, qty);
   dbms_output.put_line('customer name: '||cname||'book title :'||book||'quantity ordered   :'||qty);


The procedure completed successfully, but I cannot find the error in the main function. What do you think is wrong?

Even when I have executed the following I get the function executed successfully and when I execute the main function I get the execution with a warning, I don't understand why!


create or replace function totfun(ip in number) return number is
t number(5);
t1 number(5);
t2 number(5);
select isbn,qtystock into t,t1 from order_list where orderno=ip;
select price into t2 from books where isbn=t;
return t1*t2;
end totfun;


Main function:

set serveroutput on;
ip number;



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From the manual:

Before exiting the subroutine, assign values ​​to all OUT forms parameters. Otherwise, the corresponding actual parameters will be zero. If you exit successfully, PL / SQL assigns values ​​to the actual parameters. If you exit with an unhandled exception, PL / SQL will not assign values ​​to actual parameters.

Have you assigned values ​​to your outputs?

What are your outputs before exiting proc2?

Could it be helpful to trace your code inside the proc2 routine?

What are your warnings?

Warnings: good to read (link)



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