What is $ 0 for PHP PCRE functions?

I have read the documentation about a function preg_filter

that looks like this. This is from php.net site .

$subject = array('1', 'a', '2', 'b', '3', 'A', 'B', '4'); 
$pattern = array('/\d/', '/[a-z]/', '/[1a]/'); 
$replace = array('A:$0', 'B:$0', 'C:$0'); 

print_r(preg_filter($pattern, $replace, $subject)); 


Here in the $ array, replace some of the available variables - $0

When I try to return this, the value was available before the replacement. Is this a shared variable in PHP or is it only available for PCRE functions? And I saw $1

, $2

, $3

... in some articles.

Usually we cannot have variables starting with numbers.

So can anyone explain this function and variable?


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represents the entire portion of a string that matches a pattern. $1

etc. are subpatterns.



On the page forpreg_filter


preg_filter () is identical to preg_replace (), except that it only returns objects (possibly transformed) that had a match. For more information on how this function works, read the preg_replace () documentation.

On the page forpreg_replace


$ 0 refers to text matched by the entire pattern.



From the PHP manual at preg_replace

- http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php :

Each such link will be replaced with text stripped n'th in parentheses. n can range from 0 to 99, and \ 0 or $ 0 refers to text that matches the entire pattern.



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