Implementing SendGrid with Heroku

We are using Heroku to host our Rails application and hope to send our mail through ActionMailer

. I just signed up for SendGrid, paid, and you have a fully provisioned account ready to start disabling those emails. How should I go about implementing? via Heroku as a "add-on" or via the Rails documentation found on the SendGrid site?


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If you are using the add-in, a new SendGrid account will be created with a random username and password. Since you already have an account, you will need to reset the corresponding Heroku environment variables for your existing credentials if you are using an addon. Other than that, there should be no difference between letting Heroku generate settings or doing it manually.

Edit: Another difference is that if you are using an addon, billing works a little differently. Heroku is currently unable to pay bills, so if you are using 40,000 postage credits / monthly plan, that 40,000 is a hard cap. If your account is through, this is a soft cap that allows you to overpay if you send more emails.



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