Is there software to automatically download apps for Android Market developers?

Is there some kind of developer software that can download apps on Android Market (Google Play)? I want to automate this process because I have a lot of applications on the market. Formal or informal, it doesn't matter.


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Google introduced a new API for working with the Google Play Developer Console. Here is the link for description:



The API ( ) is designed to emulate the Android market for getting data. You will have to mimic the login in the android developer center and then use some kind of DOM Crawler like (Symphony dom crawler to navigate and use GET / POST to simulate calls to download).

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I don't know of an official official API that allows this. I doubt Google will be keen to implement it as it could feed a huge number of auto-generated apps.

The closest I've seen is an unofficial API for reading data, but as far as I know there is no way to send apps:



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