How can I control which port is used for the Amber Smalltalk node.js server?

Sometimes I need to run two node servers on two different Amber Smalltalk tests, and it would be very convenient to control this with a run script, but my reading of the run script tells me that I will need to edit the code, which is not perfect.


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In the words of Johnny Thornton :

in the server / - after you updated it - I think there is a Makefile in the same directory to help you recompile

So there is no way to do this (currently ~ Amber 0.9.3) without editing the directlty file.



Starting today , it is now possible to specify a port for a NodeJS based server in the Amber developer version. This option is included in the 0.10.0 release for Amber.

The next line will start the server on the port 12345


node server/server.js -p 12345


Both the amber REPL and the amber server are bundled into a regular amber-cli tool. Starting with Amber 0.11.0, the server can be started by running the following command:

node ./cli/js/amber-cli.js serve --port 12345 --host



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