Rewrite URL Glype (nginx)

I have a Glype proxy and I want to rewrite the url. All URLs on the page are automatically converted to: [URL HERE]. Example: if I go to / in Pirate Bay on my proxy, I want to convert the url from this:


For this:


As you can see, the whole part:



Goes away (and &b=0

what's behind the url). And it has the same domain structure as The Pirate Bay.

I've tried something like this:

        location /tpb/ {
        rewrite ^/browse.php?u=(.*)$ /$1? last;


But it doesn't work. Anyone have an answer? Another feature is also welcome. (For example, fastcgi_split_path_info

or something else that is compatible with nginx)

(If you want to see an example, go to , but I'm not sure if they are using Glype)


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I think it

will match location /tpb/browse.php

, so you can write

location /tpb/browse.php {
    rewrite ^/tpb/browse\.php.* $host/tpb/browse redirect;


Hope it does what you wanted it to do, doesn't that care? u = do you really need this?

Let me know if it works, I have nothing to try now.



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