How to enable hot plugging in inteliJ

Hello I want to work with inteliJ on my web servers and I don't know how to work with swap code while running.

For example, when I was working in eclipse, when I edited the jsp files of eclipse automatically, instanlty changed the file, so when I refresh the page my changes are where

When I change the code of the class in eclipse it worked a little longer because it republished the application but did it automatically and instantly.

I saw that inteliJ has an option "as swap class" in runtime configuration. I've tested this but nothing happens. I've tried to compile, do, save and everything else and nothing happens. I had to reload the application and I had to do it manually. Secondly, inteliJ reloads EVERY app in my webapp directory. I have a lot of them, so it takes age. how to enable hot swap


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Hotswap only works in debug mode. Therefore, you need to connect to your web server via debug configuration. Then, after compiling a project, or at least a class with modifications, IntelliJ tries to disable that class.

This only works for minor changes. For example, creating new methods on the fly is not possible with this method.



Hotswap works with exploded artifacts on Refresh action . If it doesn't work with your project, please contact support for help and let the project reproduce it.



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