The comment.create event gives me a useless comment id because I cannot make a request with it

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Facebook Comments Plugin

I want to grab all new comments on my site and then save them to my database.

I could do this by accessing the opengraph api via {YOUR_URL}, but I believe it will cause problems when I have a lot of comments to capture.

So while it would be better to approach the event and get a comment after posting it. So I added an event listener as described here:

the comment.create event gives me a commentID, but it is completely useless to me because I cannot request that ID.

Using FQL, I cannot find a comment using this ID as the post_fbid column is not indexed. (see here )

I also haven't found a way to make such a request directly on the opengraph api ...

Is there a way to request a specific comment by its ID?



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