Skip properties in CSS shorthand for padding, margins, etc.

Is there a way to specify a CSS property, omitted in shorthand with padding, border, border, etc.

Like padding: <skipped> 1em 2em

instead of:

padding-right: 1em
padding-bottom: 2em



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I think it is best to assign a value auto

, although this will only set it to whatever [browser] default it may have, I assume it will reset to 0 for padding [depending on on the element].

Other than that, no.



The correct way to skip properties is not to use the shorthand version:

padding-bottom: 2em;
padding-right: 1em;


It's not as elegant as:

padding: same 1em 2em same;


but it just doesn't exist in pure CSS. If you are using server side extensions like LESS or SASS there might be a syntax for that; if not, it could be added with relative ease.



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