Get or subset of first 5 minutes of every day of data from xts

I would like a subset of the first 5 minutes of time series data for each day from the detailed data, however the first 5 minutes does not happen at the same time every day, so using something like xtsobj["T09:00/T09:05"]

this will not work as the first 5 minutes of changes start. that is, sometimes it starts at 9:20 am or some other random time in the morning instead of 9 am.

So far, I could multiply the first minute for each day using a function like:

k <- diff(index(xtsobj))> 10000

xtsobj[c(1, which(k)+1)]


i.e. finding gaps in data greater than 10,000 seconds, but going from that to finding the first 5 minutes of each day is more difficult because the data is not always evenly distributed. That is, there can be 2 to 5 lines between the first minute and the 5th minute, and thus use something like:

xtsobj[c(1, which(k)+6)]


and then binding the results together

not always accurate. I was hoping that a function like "first" could be used, but didn’t know how to do it for a few days, maybe it might be the optimal solution. Is there a better way to get this information?

Many thanks to the stackoverflow community in advance.


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split(xtsobj, "days")

will create a list with an xts object for each day.

Then you can apply head

to every day

lapply(split(xtsobj, "days"), head, 5)


or in general

lapply(split(xtsobj, "days"), function(x) {
  x[1:5, ]


Finally, you can rbind

spend days back if you like., lapply(split(xtsobj, "days"), function(x) x[1:5, ]))




How about you use the package lubridate

, first find out the starting point every day you think the random case changes and then use the functionminutes

So it would be something like:

five_minutes_after = starting_point_each_day + minutes(5)


Then you can use the normal subset xts

by doing something like:

5_min_period = paste(starting_point_each_day,five_minutes_after,sep='/')




@Joshua I think it works, have a look at this example:

x <- xts(cumsum(rnorm(20, 0, 0.1)), Sys.time() - seq(60,1200,60))

starting_point_each_day= index(x[1])
five_minutes_after = index(x[1]) + minutes(5)
five_min_period = paste(starting_point_each_day,five_minutes_after,sep='/')



In my previous example, I made a mistake, I set five_min_period between the quotes. Is that what you pointed to Joshua? Also maybe no starting point is needed, just:





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