Create Dabatase Model in ASP.NET MVC with MYSQL

I am using ASP.NET C # with a MYSQL database, I am following this step to create a database model using the Entity Data Model Wizard -database-application-in-15-minutes-with-asp-net-mvc-cs . When I run this, it encountered an error -> Failed to generate model due to the following exception: "Provider did not return the ProviderManifestToken string. Access denied for user" root "@" localhost "(using password: NO).

I already have a connection with the same connection string in the MySQLMembershp webconfig which I copied from this How do I setup ASP.NET MVC 2 with MySQL? , which is working.

if they have the same connection string this should work, but why doesn't it work when I create the database model.

Please help, thanks.


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First of all, EF connection string and Asp.NET membership membership are different. Second, you might have to see how the EF model works using MySQL database here

Getting MySQL working with Entity Framework 4.0



You don't seem to have a password. Try using the "root" password ?



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