Can't find control using FindControl

You are having trouble finding the control to find something, but it returns null when the control exists.

It is called on asp:button click

(and no fields are dynamically mapped to them). The controls are labels and have a server runat etc I am using Umbraco, thought the transition Page.FindControl

might not work / w umbraco because it uses master pages? Here's the code:

<asp:Label ID="Reg_Name_Error" CssClass="error" runat="server" />

if (Page.FindControl("Reg_Name_Error") != null) { }



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When you are using the main page you need to write the following code

ContentPlaceHolder content;
content = (ContentPlaceHolder)Master.FindControl("Your Content Place Holder Id");


Then write the following code

if (content != null)
            if (content.FindControl("Reg_Name_Error") != null)




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