Eclipse plugin to learn about the performance of a Java program

Eclipse plugin preferred

Is there any Eclipse plugin out there that can help me learn the performance of a Java program?

or (if the Eclipse plugin is not available)

If there is no Eclipse plugin, is there any other way?


How about mBProfiler ?


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I would not use TPTP as it was no longer supported . If you're interested in profiling, take a look at JVM Monitor . It is very similar to (J) VisualVM, but with better integration into Eclipse in my opinion. If you're more into micro-benchmarking, JBenchX might be worth a look.



If you can, use jvisualvm in the Sun Java 6 JDK.

another visualvm tool



You can use jvisualvm to analyze your code and find bottlenecks.



you can use Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) to profile your java application



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