Is there a faster way to set the selected value in a dropdown?

I have a dropdown and a picklist. Both contain quite a few of the same items. Basically I am setting the selected dropdown value based on the index of the list item that was clicked.

Code for this:

$('.dropdown-list li').click(function(){
    $('#edit-type option').removeAttr('selected', 'selected');
    var listvalue = $(this).index();
    $('#edit-type option').eq(listvalue).attr('selected', 'selected');


It works, but it's rather slow. Delay 3/4 second before selecting the dropdown menu.

Is there a faster way to do this?


<select id="edit-type" name="type" class="form-select" style="display: none; ">
<option value="All">- Any -</option>
<option value="171">item Name 1 </option>
<option value="172" selected="selected">item Name 2</option>

<ul class="dropdown-list">
<li><div><span>item Name 1</span></div></li>
<li class="selected"><div><span>item Name 2</span></div></li>


My reason for this is that I can create a dropdown menu in style.

Thanks Robert


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You probably have a lot of items in the list if it's slow. The fastest way is to directly set the selected index:

$('.dropdown-list li').click(function(){
    var oDDL = $('#edit-type');
    if (oDDL.length > 0)
        oDDL[0].selectedIndex = $(this).index();


In case you do have a lot of items, it is also much better to use .on()

that will create a single handler behind the scenes instead of a handler for each list item:

$('.dropdown-list').on('click', 'li', function() {


Live test .



Use val()

in select box instead of changing attr for parameters:

$('.dropdown-list li').click(function(){
    var listvalue = $(this).index();




You must use val (); (I assume your choice has id=edit-type


$('.dropdown-list li').click(function(){





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