C ++ and VS2010 - No symbols are loaded for any call stack stack. Source code cannot be displayed

I have a frustrating problem while debugging my applications with VS2010.

I got

"No symbols are loaded for any call stack. The source code cannot be displayed."

for some functions (appears randomly). Moreover, it is also impossible to show disassembly.

The funny thing is that this problem only occurs when using x64 configuration. Debugging works correctly on the 32-bit version.

We are saving the .PDB correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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2 answers

  • Go to IIS
  • Application pools
  • Selecting the Application Pool to Use
  • Right => Additional Settings ...
  • Enable 32-bit apps = TRUE



Make sure that / Oy The "Omit Pointer Frame" command line option is not specified, also some functions may be missing from the freeze frame if they were inline, you can disable nesting with the / Ob0 option



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