Should I stay in MUC when paused () and attach ()?

I have a client written using Strophe that loads on every page on my site. To minimize latency, I store rid, jid and sid on each page so I can use the Strophe attach () method.

However, I am not sure if the pause and snap is keeping me in the MUC. If so, is there a patch for the Strophe MUC plugin that allows me to install handlers without going back to the MUC?


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Yes Yes. BOSH pause and attach keep your stream open, the XMPP server doesn't even know it happened (since it happens at the BOSH level).

Suspending is just a graceful way to tell the BOSH connection manager not to wait for requests from you for a short period of time. In BOSH, it is not necessary to keep the HTTP request constantly alive to keep the XMPP stream alive, only so that you make requests often enough that the connection manager is sure that you have not gone offline without warning.



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