Eclipse mercurial plugin installation error

I am trying to install the eclipse mercurial plugin (with eclipse indigo) but I get an error during installation. I went to help-> install new software then wrote " -'and then checked out mercurialEclipse and clicked further. Then I disabled the Windows binaries for Mercurial (I am on Linux) and clicked next. Then "next". Subsequently, the software license renewal page appears. There are two licenses, the eclipse Software Agreement and the eclipse v1.0 Public License. By default, the switch is set to "I do not accept the terms of the license", and if I switch it to "I accept the terms of the license agreements", both licenses are automatically set to "I accept the terms of the license agreements".

My problem is that even after I click "I accept the terms in the license agreements", the "Next" button remains grayed out, so I cannot proceed with installing my plugin.

This is mistake? Is there work around?



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Could you instead provide the update url from the Google Code repository ? If your next question is, "Why do we have two update URLs?" there is another thread that should help answer your question.



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