Multiple Dapper mapping - collections are empty

I am trying to use Dapper to return a set of Stocks and a one-to-many related collection of ShareItems and ShareHistories. My Dapper call looks like this:

string sql =
    @"select s.Id, s.UserId, s.Name, si.ShareId as Id, si.Name as ItemName
    , sh.ShareId As Id, sh.DateShared, sh.SentTo 
    from Shares s 
    inner join ShareItems si on s.Id = si.ShareId
    inner join ShareHistory sh on s.Id = sh.ShareId
    where s.Id = @shareId";

    return conn.Query<Share, List<ShareItem>, List<ShareHistory>, Share>(
                (share, shareItems, history) => 
                      share.Items = shareItems; 
                      share.History = history; return share; 
                new { shareId = shareId }).Single();


When I run the query in SQL, I get the smoothed data that I expect. However, when I run the code through Dapper, the Items and History collections both return empty. I was screwing around with the splitOn parameter but after reading this question I now understand what splitOn does (it would be nice to have it somewhere on the Dapper btw site) and I Think I am getting through this part. So what am I doing wrong?


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I don't think you can complete a 1-line deep object diagram. (If all elements are not in the same row) There's a similar question there: Populating a list in an object with dapper

Edit: There's also QueryMultiple

- you can check it out. It allows you to return multiple result sets. Then you can match your objects.

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