IOS - Add Customizable Alarm Sound

I would like to add a custom beep to my iOS app. I tried to add it to my Xcode project but doesn't seem to work. I am getting the default alert sound instead of my custom beep.

Forgive my ignorance, I know very little about audio file formats. I am confused if I am using the correct format.

Apple's documentation states that I need to use one of 4 formats (Linear PCM, MA4 (IMA / ADPCM), ΞΌLaw, aLaw).

What I've done

  • I have a file with a .m4a extension (fast time)
  • I also tried using afconvert tool to convert it

    afconvert test.m4a test.caf -d ima4 -f caff -v

  • The length of the sound file is well below 30 seconds.

  • I added the file to my Xcode project by copying it and saving it where there are other source files.

When a notification is sent, I get the default alert sound, not my custom alert sound.

I tried the below 2 lines of code and it doesn't seem to work, instead I get the default sound

UILocalNotification *localNotif = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];
localNotif.soundName = @"test.caf";

//or .m4a file
localNotif.soundName = @"test.m4a";



  • Is the .m4a format of the supported file supported (is MA4 and .m4a the same?)
  • How to create an audio file in one of the supported formats. Does the Garage group have an option where can I save it in one of the supported formats?
  • What am I missing?

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The mistake I made

  • I made a mistake. When I dragged the .m4a file into the Xcode project, a dialog pops up asking for a target. By default, no application was selected, only the test case was selected.
  • After choosing an app name, it now looks good.


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