Doxygen defgroup results in an empty group

I have a C ++ class implementation file that has some constants. Constants appear before the implementation of the class method. I want to group constants together. My groups and descriptions appear in the Modules tab, but the groups are all empty. Detailed description is present, but none of the group members. Groups look like this:

//! @defgroup MY_FOOBARS list of foobar constants
//! This is a more detailed description of the role
//! played by the foobar constants
//! @{

static const char* FOOBAR1  = "AA";                 //!< A short summary of FOOBAR1
static const char* FOOBAR2  = "BB";                 //!< A short summary of FOOBAR2

//! @}


I've also tried to explicitly add group members using @addtogroup or @grouproup, but none of them work.

Any thoughts on why this isn't working and what I need to do to get it to work?

EDIT typo noted by Chris


To make this work, I needed to set EXTRACT_STATIC = YES in my doxygen setup.


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In order to make this work I needed to set EXTRACT_STATIC = YES in my doxygen setup. If this is not done, the static variables in my group will not be included in the documentation.



It looks like you have the correct structure for your documentation (see for example contributor groups in the doxygen manual). However, you seem to be using //|<

for documentation FOOBAR1


. It looks like this is valid doxygen markup . Should it be //!<




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