Drawing SysML / UML diagrams in javascript

I need to write an application in javascript using the d3 graphics library to display SysML diagrams. I feel like most of this project is in my understanding, but I have no idea how to approach one aspect of it.

Since the application will not accept anything about the complexity, size, or nesting of the diagram, hardcoding rules for organizing the blocks are useless. I guess there has been significant research done before, but I don't know how this fits in or where to look.

Also, does anyone know where to find examples of SysML diagrams in XML format? Any help is appreciated!


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Since SysML is a profile of UML2, you may find jsUML2 a useful starting point for your attempts. Basically you can use jsUML2 to draw SysML diagram and then use export function to generate XML. NB: XMI is a standard for exchange between various tools.



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