Android ADT installation error

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and have installed Eclipse from the Ubuntu Software Center . Here's the Eclipse info I downloaded. I have Java SDK 6 and 7, but Eclipse is configured to use Java SDK 6.

Version: 3.7.0
Build id: I20110613-1736


I was about to install the ADT plugin on Eclipse when, after installing the first Next button in the installation, this error tells me that I cannot install ADT if:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
  Software being installed: Android Development Tools 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534 ( 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534)
  Missing requirement: Android Development Tools 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534 ( 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534) requires 'org.eclipse.wst.sse.core 0.0.0' but it could not be found


How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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The first recommendation is NOT to install Eclipse from any Linux package manager or software repository. Instead, just get it from . The lines that install the linux distro change frequently (mutilated, some will say).

A particular error you are getting is that ADT requires some of the functionality of the Eclipse WST project, but the update sites you configured do not include WST. Getting one of the packages directly from will solve this and also know exactly what you have (as opposed to relying on someone else to build a package for Ubuntu) ...



I had similar problems and the above answer didn't work, in this case try:

  • deleting the workspace directory

  • check eclipse run as root (only for ADT install duration)

for more information see the posts in the middle of this thread:



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