Android activity activity ends previous activity

I have an activity where you can click on a product and it adds it to the cart, then a button is clicked to check where the new activity starts, this exercise lists everything in the cart with the option to delete an item, If ALL items are removed, I I call finish () on this activity to go back to the previous activity, which lists all the products.

The problem is that this previous step still states that X items have been selected, how can I force this to refresh or reload?

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You have to put your update code inside onResume

your Activity


Look at the activity lifecycle here for more information:



Have a look at functions startActivityForResult

and onActivityResult

if you want to feed information from child activity back to parent activity.


is called every time a task / app becomes active (e.g. turn off / on the screen, switch to your app using the task switcher, etc.) and you cannot refresh the page in all of these cases.



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