How to properly decode accented characters for display

The text file of the raw source file contains the line:

Caf&eacute (Should be Café)


The text file is a UTF8 file.

The output allows us to say that this is a different text file, so it is not necessary for the web page.

What C # method can I use to output the correct format Café


Seemingly a common problem ?


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Have you tried System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlDecode("Café")

? it returns 538M results.



It is HTML encoded text. It needs to be decoded:

string decoded = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(text);


UPDATE: the french character "é" has HTML code " é

", so you need to correct your input string.



You must use SecurityElement.Escape when working with XML files.


will encode many additional objects that are not required. XML only requires you to run>, <, &, "and", which does SecurityElement.Escape


When reading a file through an XML parser, this transformation is done for you by the parser, you do not need to "decode" it.

EDIT: Of course, this is only useful when writing XML files.



I think this works:

string utf8String = "Your string";

Encoding utf8 = Encoding.UTF8;
Encoding unicode = Encoding.Unicode;

byte[] utf8Bytes = utf8.GetBytes(utf8String);

byte[] unicodeBytes = Encoding.Convert(utf8, unicode, utf8Bytes);

char[] uniChars = new char[unicode.GetCharCount(unicodeBytes, 0, unicodeBytes.Length)];
unicode.GetChars(unicodeBytes, 0, unicodeBytes.Length, uniChars, 0);

string unicodeString = new string(uniChars);




Use HttpUtility.HtmlDecode

. Example:

class Program
    static void Main()
        XDocument doc = new XDocument(new XElement("test", 





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