FedEx Freight API Error: Account and Meter Number Incompatible

Using the FedEx Freight downloadable SDK / API, I plugged in the numbers given to me in my welcome email. An example of my letter:

Test password: password

Test Account Number: 510xxxxxx (FedEx Web Services for Shipping only)

Test Meter Number: 118xxxxxx (FedEx Web Services shipping only)

FedEx Freight Forwarder LTL Account Number: xxxxxx123

FedEx Freight LTL Bill To / Third Party Account Number: xxxxxx234

I have replaced the values ​​in the getProperty () function as shown below:

if($var == 'shipaccount') Return 'xxxxxx123';
if($var == 'billaccount') Return 'xxxxxx123';
if($var == 'accounttovalidate') Return 'FedExAccount#';
if($var == 'meter') Return '118xxxxxx';
if($var == 'key') Return 'apiKey';
if($var == 'account') Return 'FedExAccount#';
if($var == 'freightaccount') Return 'xxxxxx234';
if($var == 'password') Return '*password*';


If I change the account number (I've tried several options in case I'm doing it wrong), I get either an authentication error or:

All account numbers listed must match.

Otherwise, when everything seems to match exactly, I get the all-pervading:

"Account and counter number do not match"

Am I doing something wrong here? I can't seem to find anything in the documentation that answers this and searching for the error on google doesn't help me find a solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I believe this error also occurs if the postal code does not match the account.

Have these credentials been set up on the test server? From time to time, data is cleared and must be resubmitted.

You can call FedEx Support # and ask for "web services" or email - people are very helpful.



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