Calling gdb function on std :: vector from local scope results in error

I am testing a function vect_dbg(vector<int>)

that returns the contents of an STL vector as a C string, so I can call it with gdb output vect_dbg(test)

or put it in a clock.

using namespace std;

int main()
    vector<int> test; //breakpoint; output vect_dbg(test) ends debugging.
    for (int i=0;i<=10;i++) test.push_back(i);
    return 0;

const char* vect_dbg(const vector<int> &V)
    stringstream ss;
    for (int i=0;i<V.size();i++)
        ss<<"V["<<i<<"]:"<<V[i]<<' ;'; //line 16
    static char sEnu[256];
    return sEnu;


Unfortunately, it output vect_dbg(test)

interrupts debugging.

The program being debugged was signaled when in a function called from GDB. GDB has restored the context to what it was before the call. To change this behavior, use "set unindonsignal off". Evaluating an expression containing a function (vect_dbg (std :: vector> const &)) will be canceled. The received program signal SIGSEGV, segmentation fault. 0x004014b1 in vect_dbg (V = @ 0x22ff34) on main.cpp: 16

I found this function works if I do test

global, but I couldn't find a solution for a locally defined vector. How can I solve this? Many thanks.

EDIT: Mostly solved, the answer was pretty obvious, the vector was not initialized at the breakpoint. Now I'm wondering if this can be detected in vect_dbg

. The alternative I have found is static declaration vector<int>



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Put a breakpoint one line after (in a loop for

). The variable test

has not yet been initialized when you try to use it.



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