Is there a charge between Azure CDN and a hosted app in the same datacenter?

I know, "There is no bandwidth charge between Azure storage and applications hosted in the same datacenter."

And there are 5,000 requests / second limit, and Microsoft suggests using a CDN to overcome the limits.

So, I like to know, "Is there a bandwidth charge between the Azure CDN and a hosted application in the same datacenter?"


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Think of a CDN as two dozen objects without a data center (nodes?). Each time a CDN node is loaded with a requested entity, you pay to exit the blob store along with the associated store transactions (transactions) required to move the specified entity to that CDN node. There is no concept of a CDN residing in the same datacenter as your hosted application.

Looking at the big picture:

  • Exit cost + transaction for each object loaded into each CDN node (and there is no way to determine how many or how many nodes are loaded, this is based on the CDN node client application being terminated based on various network rules).
  • Exit cost + transaction for each object transferred from the CDN node to the client application.
  • There are no CDN nodes that are considered "inside the Windows Azure datacenter" - each node has a load associated with it.

Detailed pricing information here .



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