Improving ASP.NET User Control Performance

I have an ASP.NET custom control ... made up of a group of radio buttons focused on a business workflow. Depending on the selected set of options:
1) Load additional radio button parameters as a tree control
2) Depending on the selected option - alternately loads one of 5 other custom ASP.NET elements dynamically. There are postbacks and page reloads in between these transitions.

What performance options can be applied to this legacy code?


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Using ASP.NET Ajax can help if there are parts of the page that need to frequently communicate with the server. However, in my experience, ASP.NET Ajax falls short of the Ajax promise in terms of low latency interaction due to the ViewState bloat that accompanies all ASP.NET pages of any reasonable complexity.

I found Scott Mitchell's article on Persisting State State to be a very good resource for ideas to get away from the massive ViewState in ASP.NET Web Forms. I have used my FileSystemPageStatePersister with good results on production systems, however this approach is incompatible with ASP.NET Ajax and may not scale well for a web farm.



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