Since upgrading to Xcode 4.3.1, have the auto device assignment options disappeared?

I am making a release for the first time since upgrading to Xcode 4.3.1.

If I looked to see if my profiles were updated, I also noticed that the automatic update of device settings no longer appears (i.e. where it should appear in this screenshot, it doesn't appear for me How to add a new device to a command provisioning profile ). but it was used there before my update.

Is this something that has been removed since 4.3.1? If not, why doesn't it appear for me anymore?


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I don't see that either. I have a lot of issues with code signing and ad hoc distribution, so I try to follow Apple's step-by-step directions (recently updated!). However, they don't match the options I have in Xcode. It looks like "automatic device provisioning" has been quietly removed as an option, or my "Organizer" installation is corrupted.



xCode 4.3 now has a Refresh link on the right, and the Automatically provision devices checkbox is no longer checked. At least I can find.

Just click the Update link on the right - that's all it takes to update the app provisioning profile from



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