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I created two apps, one free and one PRO and published them on the market, now in retrospect I had to spend time creating an In-App-Billing element to completely unlock it. Anyway, I want to go ahead and create an in-app billing item in the free version and then remove the other version (PRO) from the market.

My problem is how to determine that the user who installed the free version had previously installed the PRO version and therefore automatically unlocked it?

Assuming they have already uninstalled the PRO app from their device, can I access their purchased transactions and then unblock this method?

Otherwise, is there a way in the dev console to create a transaction for them without paying them, and when they download the free version it will restore that transaction?

I haven't used LVL in PRO version, does it matter?


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There is currently no support. You can check if a user bought a paid application using the Licensing Service (LVL), but it cannot be used in paid applications. Obviously, you cannot create transactions in the app (Google handles this) and the IAB does not have built-in support for codes / activation codes. You can:

  • create your own coupon / activation service (server required) or
  • manually refund IAB purchases to users who have already purchased the pro. However, in this case, you will lose 30% of the Google royalties.


You can use the email address that Google Checkout provides with each version of the app sold to notify the user or pending changes, and possibly provide them with an activation code or something in the email you send. This can be cumbersome if you've sold a lot of pro versions. How many pro versions have you sold?



I don't know if this is possible, but why don't you make a free pro app and use LVL to check if an in-app purchase was paid?

It might not be possible to do it like this. I dont know.

Another option is to force the paid app to generate a "voucher code" to add to the new app. Thus, the user can unlock the paid feature in the new application before uninstalling the old one.



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