Getting a list of selected checkboxes in a table

This is what I have in the table:

<td><g:checkBox name="book_${bookInstance.id}"/> </td>


And this is how I am trying to get the selected instances:

                books << (it.key - "book_") as Integer


I am getting an empty list. How to fix it? I am open to suggestions if you have a better solution.


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Try to create a list of checkboxes with the same input name but different values.

<g:each in="${books}" var="bookInstance">
    <g:checkBox name="books" value="${bookInstance.id}"/>


Then in your controller, you can get a list of the selected book ids with:





My answer was definitely late as the question was asked a while ago. Anyway, I solved a similar problem, please try this.

<td><g:checkBox name="registerBook" value="${bookInstance.id}" checked="false"/> </td>


Controller code for getting a list of selected books:

def checkedBooks = params.list('registerBook')
//get list of books. this will return only the selected books
def selectedBooks = Book.getAll(checkedBooks)

for(result in selectedBooks){
//now manipulate the result as you wish ...




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