How do I pass the same namespace in a XAML file?

This question is related to WPF Application.

I have a class as shown below in Project " Common ". The namespace name is also the same.

namespace Common
   public ViewBase : UserControl
     // Code


If I add a new abc.XAML file to the same project ( Common ) ... I would like to get my code by class (abc.xaml.cs file) from the ViewBase class.

But in this case, how do I write my title in the XAML file?

That is ... how should I reference my current namespace?

<Namespace:ViewBase x:Class=""



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You can declare a namespace using xmlns

, it is also active on the current element, so the namespace can be used in the tag the element that declares it. eg.

<ns:ViewBase xmlns:ns="clr-namespace:Common" ...>




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