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Does Grails have a domain.find-by ... option ": select" to limit columns like rails?

In rails, we can use Order.find (: all,: select => "id, name ...... or Order.where (....). Select (" id, name ") to restrict the column.

But I can't seem to find anything like this in Grails. so can you help me? thank.


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There are no possible parameters for dynamic Grails crawlers to limit the properties returned by the crawler. The best alternative I know is to use criteria-based predictions i.e.

Book.withCriteria {
    like 'author', 'Will%'
    projections {
        property 'title'
        property 'author'


For details see criteria reference




You cannot limit the columns returned when using a dynamic type lookup findBy

. Intead you have to use either a predictive criteria query or an HQL query executed with executeQuery



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