Why am I getting this error? Notice: Undefined index: host

my example code is here

include 'simple_html_dom.php';
function get_all_links($url){
    global $host;
    $html = new simple_html_dom();

    foreach($html->find('a') as $a){
        $host1 = parse_url($a->href);
        $host = parse_url($url);
            if($host1['host'] == $host['host']){
                    $data[] = $a->href;
    return $data;

$links = get_all_links("http://www.example.com/");

foreach($links as $link){
   echo $link."<br />";


When I try to execute this code, I got this error: Note: Undefined index: host in ... What's wrong in my code? Please offer me the help code, thanks in Advance.


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You need to check if the arrays contain entries for 'host'

using isset

before assuming they exist:

if (isset($host1['host']) && isset($host['host']) 
        && $host1['host'] == $host['host']) {


Or you can use @

to suppress warnings
from scan.

if (@$host1['host'] == @$host['host']) {


However, you will need to double check that the latter works as you want when both are missing.

Update: As others have pointed out, there is also array_key_exists

. It will process array values null

whereas it isset

returns false

for values null




As others have answered isset()

and array_key_exists()

will work here. isset()

nice because it can take multiple arguments:

if (isset($array[0], $array[1], $array[2]))
    // ...

// same as

if (isset($array[0]) && isset($array[1]) && isset($array[2]))
    // ...


Returns true

only if all arguments are set.



you can find out if the array has an index named "host" with array_key_exists

if (array_key_exists($host, "host") && array_key_exists($host1, "host") && ...)





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