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A quick question regarding delegated objects in a view - can we specify multiple event bindings in a single event definition?

For example, instead of:

'keyup .text-input': 'textEvents',
'keydown .text-input': 'textEvents',
'focusin .text-input': 'textEvents',
'focusout .text-input': 'textEvents',
'click .text-input': 'textEvents',


Is it possible?

'keyup keydown focusin focusout click .text-input': 'textEvents',



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No, you cannot do this. From the exact guide :

Events are recorded in the format {"event selector": "callback"}


is implicitly a single word (as in jQuery and DOM events), whereas selector

can be any jQuery style selector. Additionally, the keys in are

parsed using this regex :

var delegateEventSplitter = /^(\S+)\s*(.*)$/;


therefore it event

is the first component and only the first component.

You can create the object yourself events

and call it delegateEvents

manually as follows:

var catch  = ['keyup', 'keydown', 'focusin', 'focusout', 'click'];
var events = { };
_(catch).each(function(ev) { events[ev + ' .text-input'] = 'textEvents' });




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